The Mississippi teams are supported and funded by the Foundation for the Mid South:

The Foundation for the Mid South is a regional community foundation serving Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi that seeks to strengthen the capacities and resources of institutions and communities to improve the quality of life for all Mid Southerners.

One of the largest concentrations of chronic poverty in America exists in the Mid South. In an effort to improve the outlook for the region, leaders from the public and private sectors joined together in 1990 to envision a 3-state philanthropic entity that would identify and address regional priorities. FMS was established to strengthen nonprofit organizations and communities thoroughout the region—enabling them to better leverage local resources and build philanthropy and leadership.

The Foundation envisions a Mid South where communities improve themselves by developing inclusive and sustainable strategies and processes that harness and put into action various human, social, and economic resources.   Health and Wellness is one of the regional priorities of the Foundation, and through its investments and partnerships, the Foundation seeks results that improve the health status of Mid Southerners. By engaging communities and promoting healthy behaviors in their everyday lives, residents become the most effective stewards for change that improves community health and well-being.  Partnering with Communities for All Ages was a natural fit for the Foundation because it believes that an often overlooked or untapped strength of communities is that they are intergenerational.

The Foundation joined the CFAA’s national network in 2009 and has begun working with two communities in Mississippi: East Hattiesburg and Itta Bena.

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