Broward County, FL

The mission of the Community Foundation of Broward is to provide leadership on community solutions, and foster philanthropy that connects people who care with causes that matter.  We envision a community where people feel connected and are actively engaged to make Broward better.
Our values describe how we interact with others and shape the way that we get things done.

The Community Foundation of Broward must:
  • Be a catalyzing force.
  • Create a better future for all.
  • Address the community’s critical or persistent challenges and opportunities.
  • Inclusively unite people, institutions and resources.
  • Produce significant, widely shared and lasting results.

 The CFAA initiative has direct alignment with the overall mission of the Community Foundation of Broward.  The Foundation educates donors and stakeholders on multiple issues through personal outreach, community conversations and technology, with the goal to demonstrate ways their philanthropy can impact Broward County.  Just as CFAA, we beleive in the power of civic engagement and the value in creating alliances around convergenet issues and leveraging resources, financial and human, to create community change.  We strongly beleive that to fulfill our mission and to imporve our community, we must have an engaged and active citizenry. 

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