Ways to Tone Your Tummy after Childbirth.

In her book entitled, Fit and Healthy Pregnancy, renowned fitness coach and author, Dr. Kristina Pinto, guides women on some of the most effective ways of toning their tummies after pregnancy. According to Pinto, simple exercises around the home can help women to reclaim their athletic shapes within weeks after delivery.


Pinto’s elaborate strategies underscore the fact that the combined effects of regular exercises and proper dieting can help women to stay strong and in good shape without incurring any discomforts or injury. One of her key messages is that women should guard against food cravings and the temptation to adopt passive lifestyles after pregnancy. Here are 4 crucial strategies:

1. Start Exercising Multiple Muscle Groups.

Maternal fitness experts recommend cardio exercises and strategic strength training that target multiple muscles. Focusing on single muscle groups may tone parts of your body, but leave your midsection in bad shape. Some of the suggested workouts include military press, plank rows, squats, and push-ups.

There is a lot of credible evidence to prove that women who stick to the mentioned exercises after pregnancy begin to notice positive results within the first three weeks of consistent efforts. However, it is important to invest in discipline if you hope to lose your belly fat before your newborn marks the first birthday. Fix your mind on the goal and the results will follow.

2. Consider Fast Walking and Sprinting.

There is a lot to gain from fast walking and sprinting if your concern is to shed off the bothersome belly fat. Of course, you cannot start sprinting a day or two after delivery. Judge your own strength and ask your doctor about the safest time for you to start walking and running either outdoors or on the treadmill.

When the time comes, start by walking slowly and increase your pace gradually until you graduate to a full powerful sprint within a few weeks. Fitness research findings reveal that walking and sprinting have positive results on nearly every muscle in the body. You can apply this strategy to lose belly fat after pregnancy because of its effectiveness in burning fat.

3. Perform Double-and-Single Leg Raises.

One crucial advantage of performing double and single leg raises is that they create some healthy tension at the midsection, which you need to tighten your belly. You simply lie down on the floor while facing up and start performing single leg raises. You should alternate the legs so that each one gets between 15 to 20 counts.

After a five minutes rest, you should now begin with the double leg raises. Try and force yourself beyond a comfortable limit so that you feel some significant strain. Remember that there is some pain involved in the art of fitness. The main objective of these exercises is to impart pressure on your midsection in order to lose belly fat after pregnancy.

4. Keep a Close Watch on Calories.

You do not have to starve yourself in order to get back in shape after delivery. Remember, that you need a well-balanced diet to produce top-quality milk for your child. However, do not succumb to the usual cravings for fries and other fatty meals. Instead, you should concentrate on lean proteins and foods that are rich in Amino Acids.

Do not rush for weight loss supplements before the doctor tells you if they are safe for your breastfeeding child. Maintain a healthy check on your calories, and only go for low-sugar snacks whenever the cravings seem irresistible. You can train your mind to prefer fruits instead of sugary snacks whenever hunger strikes between meals.

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