East Jerusalem (Hattiesburg)


We are a small urban community with a population of about 1600 people.  East Jerusalem has a strong foundation of faith-based organizations that provide leadership in the community. Other community leaders have also emerged and are working on the intiative. The majority of our residents live below the poverty line, and face certain challenges related to the lack of economic development. Our Communities for All Ages team has brought together residents of different age groups as well as community leaders and staff from local organizations and faith based groups to build trust, relationships and networks among residents of different of different ages, increase community pride, increase opportunities for physical activity for youth and increase access to fresh fruits and vegtables for people of all ages. This process will draw on the existing community leadership and identify strategies for creating new leadership opportunities, resources and supports for residents.

Our group is in an early phase of implementation. To date our work has focused on building leadership and involvement of residents of all ages and local farmers in the development and implementation of a new farmers market, creating social opportunities for residents of all ages to get to know their neighbors and get connected to our work, organizing weekly physical activity opportunities for youth with the support of local neighbors of different ages, registering older adults for senior nutrition vouchers for the farmers market, connecting people of different ages with a range of resources and supports available to residents. 

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