Search engine optimization helps a site owner get lots of traffic on his site. However, he also needs to work on it consistently by ensuring that he’s used all the tools available. If he doesn’t use the methods correctly then he won’t improve on his search engine ranking. A good example of SEO is like this; it focuses on getting new business leads on a site by using different channels, e.g., YouTube, social media, and website. Below are the ways on how these channels are used. Our top recommendations if you do not want to do it yourself is this SEO specialist services in Egypt

I. YouTube 

Billions of people around the globe browse through YouTube each month. Thus it is hard to ignore the fact that a YouTube video as a content form has risen in popularity. YouTube can be used to achieve this by

· Creating personalized videos 

This method can work wonders on a website owner’s marketing campaign. If he creates a video that appeals to the prospect’s needs, then chances are they will share the content with their friends and other followers thus getting him new business leads. 

· Use of annotations 

Annotations are embedded links in a video that takes users to another website. YouTube allows its users to use this excellent feature. Using this feature will enable the site owner to convert the prospects into customers.

II. Social media 

Social media is another way how a site owner can grow his brand and connect with his clients. The method can be done through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and below are ways to do it

· Contest

Contest have had huge hits over the years on Facebook, the good thing about them is that they draw lots of attention. This method is one of the great ways of gathering prospect’s email address. Shortstack is a tool that the site owner may use in setting up the Facebook contents and collect leads because it integrates with most email marketing tools like Aweber. 

· Creation of a custom tab 

Facebook also let its users set up a custom tab on their page thus making it a great spot for contact forms. The forms are a perfect way of capturing leads.  

III. Website

The online leads come from websites and starts with the owner’s site. If he doesn’t have a website, it will be hard for him to generate leads online, he can achieve this by

· Blogging 

Writing blog posts that feature the target keyword will help the site rank in search engine for the keyword. Thus getting more business leads on the site. 


For a site owner who’s seeking services of SEO Egypt for his online business should ensure that the agency covers the above SEO methods to generate new business leads for his site.