Trees have an ability to shed off parts of themselves. The parts they shed off fall into two categories:

1. Parts that have completed their purpose (such as shedding leaves in the fall). Very few species of vegetation require human interaction for this process so you probably don’t have to worry about it. However, one example of a shrub that does need help with this is the Lilac (Syringa). It is recommended to cut the seeds off Lilac branches every year because they do not fall off by themselves.
2. Parts that are no longer able to perform their duties. Dead branches fall into this category. Branches die for many reasons, but usually from injuries or a lack of sunlight. Once a branch dies, the rest of the tree treats it like any other injury and seals it off by cutting off nutrient supply and chemically strengthening defensive walls around the branch core. By so doing, it “sheds” the dead branch. However, Trees cannot cast off dead branches on their own they need help from an outside source.

The fact is that a dead branch is a great place for decay to develop and spread. If a dead branch is left on your tree, harmful bacteria practically has a direct path right into the rest of your tree. Every branch is anchored deep into the trunk that it sprouted from via a branch core. As bacteria lives in a dead branch it gains strength in numbers and will be able to penetrate your trees defensive walls more easily. In addition, a dead branch’s core cannot defend against decay as well as the bark can. Therefore, a dead branch provides a path of less resistance for bacteria right into the sapwood of your tree.

In the wild, dead branches are naturally removed from trees by snow, ice, and animals. But much of the outside help a tree receives in the wild is less abundant in an urban setting. That’s why trees in an urban forest require regular deadwood removal by either professional Arborists or the people who own them. Tree experts call this Crown Rejuvenation or Deadwood Removal.

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