Yonkers: Ashburton Avenue

Ashburton Avenue Neighborhood is a diverse urban community in the heart of Yonkers, NY. With a highly diverse mix of residents- African-American, Latino, Foreign Born and White-we have the unique opportunity to have many different cultures and ideas all in close proximity to one another. In [date] our neighborhood is slated for city-sponsored redevelopment opportunities which has great potential to bring more visibility to the area, improve buildings, stores, services and create jobs. Our Community for All Ages team has been working to create new alliances and partnerships among residents, local schools, organizations and institutions to ensure that these new community changes will benefit residents of all ages and at all different income levels.

Our Communities for All ages Initiative began in 2007. Over the last years our Community for All Ages team has focused on strengthening the community in Ashburton Avenue through linking residents of all ages of all ages with education, civic involvement, leadership and job opportunities. We have also created vital new community spaces for different generations to interact and connect with each other, deepening levels of trust and connection between residents of different generations. The work of our team has resulted in a wide range of opportunities for young people and older adults to serve as resources for each other and for the Ashburton Avenue Community. 

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