Some people find difficulties in finding affordable apartments for rent in Cairo. Yes, the capital city might have a massive array of condominiums and apartments. But, they are too costly for certain people, mostly tourists or expatriates. Fortunately, there are apartments for rent in Maadi that they can opt. They are less pricey and most of their locations are still reachable from Cairo.

Though Maadi is the suburb area of Cairo, it remains as one of the main destinations among expatriates, thanks to its good city infrastructure and complete facilities. This city hosts embassies, schools and business districts, so this is the city where people from various countries reside. This is the main reason, why apartments for rent in Maadi have huge of variety in prices.

apartments for rent in Maadi

The huge increase of population in Maadi leads to the growing number of apartments, in various sizes and purposes. It is easy to find apartments for either commercial or residential, with several choices in the amount of the bedrooms. However, most of them are fully furnished with modern equipment that accommodate the common needs of apartment dwellers. Fully furnished apartments are much more expensive than semi furnished apartments, in which they are perfect for families, who already own their furniture sets.

The rent cost ranges from USD2,000 to USD3,500 for four-bedroom apartments. They much more affordable than most apartments with similar amenities in Cairo. But, there is no need to worry about the facilities, in which Maadi is also the city where business and pleasure meet. Public facilities, which are built nearby many apartments for rent in Maadi are good and decent, so people can use them at ease. The living cost in this city is also lower than Cairo, so Maadi can become the best alternative for either temporary or permanently living, for people who want to reach Cairo frequently.