Read A Book A Day

Successful people in the world have a habit of reading. Many people in the modern world have given up reading books and other important reading materials and opted to use their free time on social media networks and other leisure activities like playing online games. Although these activities have their benefits, it cannot be ruled out that reading outweighs them all. It is important to read a book a day, every day in order to get at least one of the following benefits; mental stimulation, improved vocabulary, improved creative thinking ability, stress reduction and increased knowledgeability among others.

Below are seven tips that can help one read a book daily, every day

1. Creating the environment – many people do not create a conducive environment for reading a book on a daily basis. Reading requires that there is minimum distraction from the outside environment. It is therefore necessary that the reader prepares adequately by creating the required environment. For one to do this, there are several things that can be taken into account. One of the main distraction while reading is noise pollution, hence one might decide to use noise cancelling headphones while reading. In the modern world, many people read using electronic devices, hence one should ensure that they are not connected to the internet while reading, as being online might allow notifications from social media sites hence creating distractions. Another important idea is having a study room in the house that is sound proof, hence reducing distractions from the rest of the house.

2. Read using audio-books – it’s easier and more comfortable for most people to listen than to read. For this reason, an audio book is a great idea to help those who are not good at creating time for reading. Another advantage of an audio book is the ease of listening while travelling. Most people listen to music or watch movies on transit, but an audio book can come in handy. Lastly, audio book can also be listened to while undertaking other tasks like cleaning the house, preparing food among others, hence increasing time spent in reading.

3. Choose your next Book earlier – many people waste time choosing a book to read next, when they are done with the one they were reading. To ensure that one has a book to read daily, it’s advisable that one explores the available options, depending on their preference, earlier so as to have a book to read once they have exhausted the current one. In this way, they will always be occupied and have a book to read every day.

4. Carry your book with you wherever you go – to improve one’s reading frequency, it’s advisable that one carries their book as often as possible, wherever one goes. Whether in an e-reader, on a smart gadget or even in the hard copy form, carrying a book ensures the ease of reading it, anytime there is a chance.

5. Alternating between different genres – reading the same genre over and over again can prove to be boring and at times discouraging as the ideas in one book may be repeated in the next. It’s therefore recommended that one should substitute one genre with another over a given period of time. Fiction and non-fiction books have their benefits and hence one should try to alternate them over a period of time hence increase their reading frequency to daily.

6. Speed reading – there are some programs that can help one speed-read and hence increase the speed that one uses to read leading to a decrease in the time used to read a given book. This ensures that reading does not become boring and hence makes it easy to read daily.

7. Join a book library or a local reading club – joining a club or a library ensures that there is a wide range of books to choose from and also that one finishes a given book under the given period of time. This helps in planning on how to finish the book within that period, hence increasing the reading frequency to daily.

In conclusion, it’s clear that it’s important to read a book a day, every day to ensure that one benefits from learning. The above tips will help when one is in need of improving their reading frequency to daily and also help those who have problems reading books especially on time management.