All the kids want to feel grown up and
mature and no other toy makes them feel that way than their own ride-on toy
car. In recent years, these toy cars and power wheels have become more
realistic, which makes it fun for older kids. Most power wheel ride-on cars are
boy-oriented but nowadays there are more options for girls as well. These toy
cars make great gifts for holidays top power wheels for older kids are:

Here are 5 simple ideas for kid toys:

1. Power wheels Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler

frozen car

Everyone remembers the “Let it go’ craze
brought on the kids by the movie “Frozen’. This Frozen inspired toy car is the
perfect toy for your kid girl. It is sturdy enough for two five-year olds and
has 12 volt battery. This miniature jeep is styled quite like an actual jeep
apart from the frozen themed graphics and colours. There is also a front bumper
along with rear roll carriages that would act as a protective shield on impact
from walls or any other obstacle. There is a radio that plays few Frozen songs
(though not all of them) and the speed option can be shifted from 2.5 mph to 5
mph. It is a long-lasting investment and one your kid is most likely to not let
go of. The car is a little complicated to put together along with the stickers
and everything, but once I is done, Voila! No more stress over games for your
kids to play. The rear area is roomy for your kid to pretend-carry stuff in it.
The jeep is easily available at Amazon.

2. Power wheels Batman Lil Quad

bat car

Batman! That’s all you need to say to a kid to
get them all excited and with the Batmobile as the dream of every kid (even
adults), this will lure in your child faster than the mention of ice-cream. The
Fisher price Power wheels Batman Lil Quad has a 6 Volt battery which is perfect
for your kid’s first electric car. The styling is sporty ATV and it has many
toddler friendly features. It is easy in operation and one need only press a
button. The max speed is 2 miles per hour. With low top speeds and low to
ground design, it is a safe option for your kid to experience riding. It also
has a secret compartment that is sure to give your kid the real crime-fighting
vigilante feeling. The little quad is easy to assemble and it comes in a
beautiful blue colour. You can easily order it online and then put it together
after reading the instructions, or while watching a Youtube instruction video.
The power tires work great everywhere.

3. Lamborghini Aventador Kids Electric Ride-on Car

lamba car

This toy car is the small replica of the
real deal and would make your kid stand out from the rest. All the cool classy
styles of the real car are evident in this smaller version. It has a 12 Volt
rechargeable battery. The car is for older kids as it packs a punch with
acceleration and has three forward speeds (2/3/4 MPH) and a reverse gear that
can be controlled from within the car. Moreover, it is an officially licensed
car by Lamborghini itself and that tells you all you need to know about the
superb quality and uncompromising automation of the ride on. It comes in the
dashing black colour and is every boy’s dream. It can be operated by foot pedal
or remote control and has functioning front and rear lights, making it as close
to a real car as one can. Also includes remote steering gearbox.

4. Power wheels Cadillac Escalade 12 volt Ride on


This Cadillac is all about kids who love
big cars and love playing with awesome power wheels. The car has two speeds
(2.5 miles per hour and 5 miles per hour) along with a speed lockout option for
the safety of your kid. The car has a real built-in radio and real doors that
open and close giving your child the feeling of driving a real car. The design
looks like a real Cadillac and the car is also available in pink Barbie colour
for girls. It has a reverse option as well. You can also customise the escalade
and add LED lights and audio speakers to make it even more fun for your child
to ride in. Cadillacs are all about comfort so it might not be suitable if your
kid is tall for his age. The 12 Volt battery lasts long so you don’t have to
worry about recharging it again and again.

5. Fisher Price Power Wheels Corvette Stingray


This ride on toy is speedier than the other
cars with maximum speed up to 6 miles per hour and thus, is not suitable for
kids under three years of age. But if your kid likes speed, this is the choice
for them. It has two speeds (6 miles per
hour and 3 miles per hour). It has a cool stingray design and comes in
different colours. It can be driven on
hard surfaces or grass. The Stingray takes about an hour to set up and that’s a
hassle, but it is worth the effort, with the little details making it look more
realistic. But, be careful while choosing this option for your child because
the speed might turn out to be too fast. Also, it is single-seated. Power lock
brakes are added for protection and the battery lasts for a long while. The
wheels are shiny chrome wheels.

Ride on cars are not only super cool toys
to play with but also have an educational role to play in your child’s life.
Driving these toy cars teaches your kid good motor skills and teaches them
cause and effect. The pretend-play helps in developing their cognitive ability.
This list containing the best ride-on cars for your kids contains the most
durable and long-lasting options. So, this birthday, buy your kid a super cool
toy to play with and ride around the neighbourhood in. But beware; he might
start wanting a real Lamborghini, Cadillac or Stingray when he grows up.