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Why Apartments for Rent in Maadi are Worth Everyone’s Money and Style

Some people find difficulties in finding affordable apartments for rent in Cairo. Yes, the capital city might have a massive array of condominiums and apartments. But, they are too costly for certain people, mostly tourists or expatriates. Fortunately, there are apartments for rent in Maadi that they can opt. They are less pricey and most of their locations are still reachable from Cairo.

Though Maadi is the suburb area of Cairo, it remains as one of the main destinations among expatriates, thanks to its good city infrastructure and complete facilities. This city hosts embassies, schools and business districts, so this is the city where people from various countries reside. This is the main reason, why apartments for rent in Maadi have huge of variety in prices.

apartments for rent in Maadi

The huge increase of population in Maadi leads to the growing number of apartments, in various sizes and purposes. It is easy to find apartments for either commercial or residential, with several choices in the amount of the bedrooms. However, most of them are fully furnished with modern equipment that accommodate the common needs of apartment dwellers. Fully furnished apartments are much more expensive than semi furnished apartments, in which they are perfect for families, who already own their furniture sets.

The rent cost ranges from USD2,000 to USD3,500 for four-bedroom apartments. They much more affordable than most apartments with similar amenities in Cairo. But, there is no need to worry about the facilities, in which Maadi is also the city where business and pleasure meet. Public facilities, which are built nearby many apartments for rent in Maadi are good and decent, so people can use them at ease. The living cost in this city is also lower than Cairo, so Maadi can become the best alternative for either temporary or permanently living, for people who want to reach Cairo frequently.

How To Get New Business Leads Using Youtube, Social Media, and Website SEO Methods

Search engine optimization helps a site owner get lots of traffic on his site. However, he also needs to work on it consistently by ensuring that he’s used all the tools available. If he doesn’t use the methods correctly then he won’t improve on his search engine ranking. A good example of SEO is like this; it focuses on getting new business leads on a site by using different channels, e.g., YouTube, social media, and website. Below are the ways on how these channels are used. Our top recommendations if you do not want to do it yourself is this SEO specialist services in Egypt

I. YouTube 

Billions of people around the globe browse through YouTube each month. Thus it is hard to ignore the fact that a YouTube video as a content form has risen in popularity. YouTube can be used to achieve this by

· Creating personalized videos 

This method can work wonders on a website owner’s marketing campaign. If he creates a video that appeals to the prospect’s needs, then chances are they will share the content with their friends and other followers thus getting him new business leads. 

· Use of annotations 

Annotations are embedded links in a video that takes users to another website. YouTube allows its users to use this excellent feature. Using this feature will enable the site owner to convert the prospects into customers.

II. Social media 

Social media is another way how a site owner can grow his brand and connect with his clients. The method can be done through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and below are ways to do it

· Contest

Contest have had huge hits over the years on Facebook, the good thing about them is that they draw lots of attention. This method is one of the great ways of gathering prospect’s email address. Shortstack is a tool that the site owner may use in setting up the Facebook contents and collect leads because it integrates with most email marketing tools like Aweber. 

· Creation of a custom tab 

Facebook also let its users set up a custom tab on their page thus making it a great spot for contact forms. The forms are a perfect way of capturing leads.  

III. Website

The online leads come from websites and starts with the owner’s site. If he doesn’t have a website, it will be hard for him to generate leads online, he can achieve this by

· Blogging 

Writing blog posts that feature the target keyword will help the site rank in search engine for the keyword. Thus getting more business leads on the site. 


For a site owner who’s seeking services of SEO Egypt for his online business should ensure that the agency covers the above SEO methods to generate new business leads for his site.

How to Lose Belly Fat After Pregnancy – Notes from a Trainer

Ways to Tone Your Tummy after Childbirth.

In her book entitled, Fit and Healthy Pregnancy, renowned fitness coach and author, Dr. Kristina Pinto, guides women on some of the most effective ways of toning their tummies after pregnancy. According to Pinto, simple exercises around the home can help women to reclaim their athletic shapes within weeks after delivery.


Pinto’s elaborate strategies underscore the fact that the combined effects of regular exercises and proper dieting can help women to stay strong and in good shape without incurring any discomforts or injury. One of her key messages is that women should guard against food cravings and the temptation to adopt passive lifestyles after pregnancy. Here are 4 crucial strategies:

1. Start Exercising Multiple Muscle Groups.

Maternal fitness experts recommend cardio exercises and strategic strength training that target multiple muscles. Focusing on single muscle groups may tone parts of your body, but leave your midsection in bad shape. Some of the suggested workouts include military press, plank rows, squats, and push-ups.

There is a lot of credible evidence to prove that women who stick to the mentioned exercises after pregnancy begin to notice positive results within the first three weeks of consistent efforts. However, it is important to invest in discipline if you hope to lose your belly fat before your newborn marks the first birthday. Fix your mind on the goal and the results will follow.

2. Consider Fast Walking and Sprinting.

There is a lot to gain from fast walking and sprinting if your concern is to shed off the bothersome belly fat. Of course, you cannot start sprinting a day or two after delivery. Judge your own strength and ask your doctor about the safest time for you to start walking and running either outdoors or on the treadmill.

When the time comes, start by walking slowly and increase your pace gradually until you graduate to a full powerful sprint within a few weeks. Fitness research findings reveal that walking and sprinting have positive results on nearly every muscle in the body. You can apply this strategy to lose belly fat after pregnancy because of its effectiveness in burning fat.

3. Perform Double-and-Single Leg Raises.

One crucial advantage of performing double and single leg raises is that they create some healthy tension at the midsection, which you need to tighten your belly. You simply lie down on the floor while facing up and start performing single leg raises. You should alternate the legs so that each one gets between 15 to 20 counts.

After a five minutes rest, you should now begin with the double leg raises. Try and force yourself beyond a comfortable limit so that you feel some significant strain. Remember that there is some pain involved in the art of fitness. The main objective of these exercises is to impart pressure on your midsection in order to lose belly fat after pregnancy.

4. Keep a Close Watch on Calories.

You do not have to starve yourself in order to get back in shape after delivery. Remember, that you need a well-balanced diet to produce top-quality milk for your child. However, do not succumb to the usual cravings for fries and other fatty meals. Instead, you should concentrate on lean proteins and foods that are rich in Amino Acids.

Do not rush for weight loss supplements before the doctor tells you if they are safe for your breastfeeding child. Maintain a healthy check on your calories, and only go for low-sugar snacks whenever the cravings seem irresistible. You can train your mind to prefer fruits instead of sugary snacks whenever hunger strikes between meals.

You can still look fabulous until you lose that belly check out here

How To Start Living An Organic Life Style

Whenever you mention organic living to most people, the image it conjures up in their minds is of hippie-like existence without electricity, plumbing, and all the little modern amenities that a lot of us have come to consider the most basic necessities. There’s some truth in the assumptions, but it’s an exaggerated extreme. You don’t have to sell your house, move out of the city, and live off the grid’, to enjoy the benefits of an organic way of life. Whether you’re looking to live a bit healthier by eliminating the chemicals modern living bombards us with, looking to somewhat reduce your impact on the environment, or are simply keeping up with the latest lifestyle trends, living more organically presents you with a plethora of benefits. Read on for some tips on how to start living an organic lifestyle.

Baby steps

Making the decision seems like a daunting proposition for most for the simple reason that they anticipate making a drastic overhaul of the lifestyle they’ve grown used to. The trick to making a smooth, painless transition to the organic lifestyle is by starting with the small things and then building gradually on every little step. It might be something just as simple as passing by the farmers market to pick up some organically grown vegetables and fruit, growing a few potted herbs on your kitchen windowsill, or making your own soap. The idea is to get yourself in the mindset of organic living in ways that don’t jolt your current lifestyle. Take it a day at a time and you’ll get there sooner than you think.

Organic doesn’t mean expensive

One of the biggest fears for those considering the organic lifestyle is the thought that it will be a lot more expensive to manage than their current way of life. In some cases, it might be, but with a little knowledge and know-how, the organic lifestyle on a budget can be yours. Consider some of these little tricks to keep your costs down:

· The cost of chemical cleaners can be greatly mitigated by making your own cleaning supplies. Many home cleaning supplies can be made using ingredients you’ll find right in your home at a fraction of the cost.

· Do your organic grocery shopping during the growing season because they will be going for a lot less than they do during the off season. Buy in bulk and refrigerate to enjoy the healthy freshness all year round.

· Buy bars of organic bath soap and when they begin to wear down, save the little scraps in order to convert them into liquid hand soap to further cut costs.

· Buy organic clothing that suit your style and that you’re confident won’t be going out of style son. Organic clothing will usually last you a whole lot longer than chemically infused textiles, so you’ll end up getting a lot more value for your money.

· Should you have a bit of gardening space, growing a bit of your own foo is a fantastic way of ensuring they are fresh and chemical-free. Moreover, gardening is immensely rewarding as well as being a very effective stress reliever.

The thing to keep in mind when making the choice to start living an organic lifestyle is that every change you make, small as it may be, will ultimately contribute to increasing the quality of your life. Take your time with it, and it can be immensely rewarding.

7 Tips On How To Read A Book A Day Every Day

 Read A Book A Day

Successful people in the world have a habit of reading. Many people in the modern world have given up reading books and other important reading materials and opted to use their free time on social media networks and other leisure activities like playing online games. Although these activities have their benefits, it cannot be ruled out that reading outweighs them all. It is important to read a book a day, every day in order to get at least one of the following benefits; mental stimulation, improved vocabulary, improved creative thinking ability, stress reduction and increased knowledgeability among others.

Below are seven tips that can help one read a book daily, every day

1. Creating the environment – many people do not create a conducive environment for reading a book on a daily basis. Reading requires that there is minimum distraction from the outside environment. It is therefore necessary that the reader prepares adequately by creating the required environment. For one to do this, there are several things that can be taken into account. One of the main distraction while reading is noise pollution, hence one might decide to use noise cancelling headphones while reading. In the modern world, many people read using electronic devices, hence one should ensure that they are not connected to the internet while reading, as being online might allow notifications from social media sites hence creating distractions. Another important idea is having a study room in the house that is sound proof, hence reducing distractions from the rest of the house.

2. Read using audio-books – it’s easier and more comfortable for most people to listen than to read. For this reason, an audio book is a great idea to help those who are not good at creating time for reading. Another advantage of an audio book is the ease of listening while travelling. Most people listen to music or watch movies on transit, but an audio book can come in handy. Lastly, audio book can also be listened to while undertaking other tasks like cleaning the house, preparing food among others, hence increasing time spent in reading.

3. Choose your next Book earlier – many people waste time choosing a book to read next, when they are done with the one they were reading. To ensure that one has a book to read daily, it’s advisable that one explores the available options, depending on their preference, earlier so as to have a book to read once they have exhausted the current one. In this way, they will always be occupied and have a book to read every day.

4. Carry your book with you wherever you go – to improve one’s reading frequency, it’s advisable that one carries their book as often as possible, wherever one goes. Whether in an e-reader, on a smart gadget or even in the hard copy form, carrying a book ensures the ease of reading it, anytime there is a chance.

5. Alternating between different genres – reading the same genre over and over again can prove to be boring and at times discouraging as the ideas in one book may be repeated in the next. It’s therefore recommended that one should substitute one genre with another over a given period of time. Fiction and non-fiction books have their benefits and hence one should try to alternate them over a period of time hence increase their reading frequency to daily.

6. Speed reading – there are some programs that can help one speed-read and hence increase the speed that one uses to read leading to a decrease in the time used to read a given book. This ensures that reading does not become boring and hence makes it easy to read daily.

7. Join a book library or a local reading club – joining a club or a library ensures that there is a wide range of books to choose from and also that one finishes a given book under the given period of time. This helps in planning on how to finish the book within that period, hence increasing the reading frequency to daily.

In conclusion, it’s clear that it’s important to read a book a day, every day to ensure that one benefits from learning. The above tips will help when one is in need of improving their reading frequency to daily and also help those who have problems reading books especially on time management.

Top 5 Different Types of Environmental Problems in 2016

Our world is constantly shifting and changing, and not always for the better. Some of the different types of environmental problems are caused by humans and some are not. It is important to know the main issues facing the planet in 2016 and going forward into 2017. Some of these are things each of us can help combat every day through small changes in our behaviour or habits. Others are larger, long-term issues that we may never be able to solve.

1) Climate Change

Climate Change

Global Warming


Climate change has been one of the most hotly debated topics in the last century. Ironically, just like global warming, the debate has only gotten hotter. The funny thing about this issue is that, within the scientific community, the debate is essentially settled. Despite all the naysaying by politicians, this is a real issue we are facing. The fact of this is backed up by a growing body of scientific facts.

 2) Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture

As population growth has continued at an unparcelled rate worldwide, the food to feed this growing body of human beings is required to grow at an even faster rate. This has led to the increasingly industrialized agriculture industry that exists today. Many of the current practices within the industrial agriculture industry are not environmentally friendly nor sustainable for the future. 

3) Deforestation


Every tree, blade of grass and flower is an asset to our planet. And aside from sounding like poetry, it is true. All (or most) plants absorb CO2 and expel oxygen. This is an essential need to help combat climate change. Forests are unfortunately being cut down at a fast rate. This destroys not only their function as CO2 filters but as hosts and part of ecosystems that many other plants and animals rely on.

4) Oceans

The Big Blue

The oceans of the world seem so vast and untouchable. What could possibly pollute or injure the inhabitants of the ocean? At first glance, this appears to be so, and at low levels of pollution, it may be a fair assumption. However, we are no longer at low levels of pollution. The impact of the continued pollution and dumping into the ocean will be dire in the years to come.

5) Mining Impacts

mining issues

Environmental changes are inextricably linked to mining. And none more so than hydraulic fracking. A method of extracting oil that has grown to become extremely popular within the US as well. The consequences of the increased mining of recent decades will be felt for a long time. Mining changes landscapes, pollutes the air, destroys or displaces flora and fauna and contributes to a variety of environmental problems. 


Hopefully, this short article has helped you understand the top 5 different types of environmental problems in 2016. Armed with this information, there may well be something you can do to help. Only together can we beat these larger issues. But to defeat them, first, we must come to understand them. 

This is no easy task due to the size and scale of the issues our planet is facing. Human brains are not equipped to understand such large scale and so it is hard to imagine what is going on.

Want to know more about climate change? Watch this informational video from none other than the Science Guy himself Bill Nye

We Take A Closer Look At What Is A Health Community Center And How Can You Benefit From It

Nothing Explains better than a quality structured video. Thanks to HPCA “Hawaii Primary Health Association” Today we can have a better understanding of what is exactly a health community center is and how can anyone benefit from the services they provide. A non profit association that care more about the health of individuals than many private hospitals.